Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Helllooooo, people! It's time to update my dear bloggie. Hahahaha.. Oh yea, just to informed to all my dearest friends... I'm NOW having holidays!! Like finally?!?!! Yess.. Muahahaha...=P

It has been ages since I really relax myself. 3 months are like 3 years. LOL. Not because of the subjects were tough (I meant currently subjects ONLY), but there are just way too much memorization to go through! ><"~ Unfortunately, no tips also. Ehem.. -.- Sad huh? T_T.. My brain I think almost half-dead, left partially can function now. LOL. Not joking. =]

Anyway, it's OVER. My exams finally OVER!!!! I'm so so so GLAD to said that, it's NOW ALL OVER!!! I seriously wanna enjoy my holidays now. No more like revision WHOLE night, then blur blur for the next whole day. Hoo hoo hoo... =P

Eventually slept for like 17 hours after the exam ended. OMG. Tired like nobody business. 7pm+ sleep till the next day 1pm+. LOL. Crazy huh? Yes I know. Now, I fully recharge my energy. =P

Start from 17th July 2012 onwards, I gonna have my holidays until almost end of the August. And of course, before I can really relieve myself which is I have and MUST PASS all the subjects! No XXXX please..... *finger cross*.. ><"~

And yea, took some pictures.. HAHAHA.. Wanted to do this like since don't know when. Since that now I got the time, of course, I will do whatever things I wanna do.. Hehe.. ^^

Drawing on a piece of tissue paper. ^^

If you know what I mean. <3 =)

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything. =)

Happy Holdiays! =D

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