Friday, September 20, 2013

Penang Trip #3

Yay! Friday got no class! It's a so called holiday for me. A very lazy Friday~ Heh! =P

So, basically what I did was......sleep half of the day. Lol. Slept for 11 hours and additional of almost 3 hours of nap once I back from my brunch at Jojo. Yay! Sleep so much.....or too much. At least I can sleep. Lalalaaa... A lot of work haven't done yet, bet tonight gonna burn midnight oil or worst case, tomorrow only continue? NOOOO. Tonight must settle at least part of it, or else really! =/

So yea, let me take some time to update my bloggie. As I've promised, I'll update my Penang Trip #3 now. Enjoy. :)

Penang Trip #1
Penang Trip #2

Chew Jetty 姓周桥 (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
This was the third day of our trip. A very sunny and hot day. Like seriously, if you said KL is hot, please pay a visit to Penang and you'll know what is called HOT. Lol. =]

Drawn by Ernest Zachaveric

The cloud looks like a fist. HAHAHAHA. 


Straits Quay
A very nice and beautiful shopping complex. It looks classy and selling all those high class stuffs. Lol. And on that day when we went, there's an event by Anime Culture Japan Convention Fair going on, I actually took pictures for each car, but too lazy to upload here. So, this is the overview of all those cars. =]

Charlie Brown Cafe~ 

If you're wondering what my mum was holding...
She was actually holding a pair of slippers she bought at Straits Quay. 

 Come, eat my fist~

 Let's kick together! XD

 My turn. Hahahaha~

Come, drink water. XD

Last pic I took before leaving Straits Quay..
My mum hugging fatty bro...... HAHAHAHAHA!!!


To end my post.
Here are some random photos I took.

This is what happened when you bring your fluffies along. HAHAHAHA.
The housekeeper help us to arrange it nicely.
I bet they thought this room are kids room. LOL.
Fyi, the red big bolsters were provided by the hotel. =] 


Don't be surprised. LOL. 
3/4 of the lift was fully occupied with our luggages and things we bought. =]

P/S: It was a very happy and satisfied trip with family. Though it was tiring but yet, all of us enjoy a lot during the trip. Laughter here and there. And yes, I feel really blessed to have them in my life. :)

I'm a happy child. :) 

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