Saturday, August 24, 2013

Penang Trip #1

As I've promised, I'm here to update my second holiday trip with my family. :)

I don't think I'll be able to update all at once. First of all, too many photos *anyway, I won't upload all* Secondly, my internet line slow like tortoise for don't know what reason *slower than my BoyBoy, zzzz* -.- And like finally, my bro cannot stand anymore, he called to TM to make a complaint. Lol. =]

So yea, I won't be writing long post, pictures will mostly do the talkings. Enjoy. :)

16-19 August 2013
Penang Trip #1 - On the way to Penang. We stop at Bidor, Perak to had our brunch. :)

Our driver a.k.a my daddy. :)
We? As the youngsters sleep all the way from KL. Lol. =]

Pun Chun was famous with it's duck noodles. A place where we will surely drop by. :)

So yea, there were many hawker stalls on the street. The green green thingy called Petai is the thing my mum would buy. HAHAHA. Yea, we bought and bring it all the way to Penang. LOL. XD


After hours of sleeping in the car, we reached Penang GeorgeTown Hotel. Finally, butt also 'kemek' already. HAHAHAHA. Stay at the 27th floor. And the superb nice view attracts me!! XD


Went Gurney Drive shopping mall to have a walk at night. And I saw this little squid thingy. Never saw this before at KL, so, I ordered one of it and try.

Squidto filled with seafood rice. 
RM 8.90

To end this post......

Picture I took before sleep. 
Penang night view from my room. :)
ISO 200, f9, 20 seconds- tripod *Without edited*

P/S: Finally........part 1 is done! And I left a lot more. No idea whether can I manage to write down all those moments/memories which is still fresh in my brain this round. Or worst case, I'll cut down some part. Zzzz.. o.O~ *A very bad habit of mine; always post things halfway and never follow up, LOL. Sorrrrry -.-* 

I wanna write down all those moments in my blog so that I can view back next time as memories. We tend to forget what we remember, and I think, blogging is one of the way to served as memories. Hopefully I manage to update another post later. Cause once class start, I gonna blog less for sure. =/

Holidays left 1 day.
I'm counting down. =/

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