Sunday, September 8, 2013

Year 2 Sem 2 - KL Sentral

Promised to update on my Penang Trip #3, and yes, I still remember. But this post wasn't regarding that, I'll update it in some time later. Lol. And so, this post I gonna update a lil bit of my new semester life. Year 2 semester 2. :)

This is the 2nd week of my new sem and 3rd week is coming soon. Time flies. Hmm, as usual, once classes commenced, my life will be upside down. I'm trying not to put too much pressure and stress towards myself this round. I try to be positive and cheerful as I can, and hopefully my stress won't stress others out. *Trying really hard* ><".. But so far, I think I'm still doing good. I think? =/

Feeling really tired sometimes. Another challenging semester for me. Dealing with group work killed me. And those assignments which needed me to talk/express myself is another issues I need to deal with. Ummm... =/

Last semester is a nightmare because of those presentations. But somehow, the feedback I get from lecturers and friends were so different from what I thought of. They said I'm good/fine when giving presentation, I doesn't look nervous and have frequent eye contact. -.-

And my reaction was like....... O.O?? Are you sure? Having presentations make me sleepless night. I was so NERVOUS till I don't know what am I presenting. -.-

Don't worry, I'm fine. I mean I'm still doing good, currently. Still able to handle it. =]


Anyway, went to KL Sentral this Friday with my Mama a.k.a Kek Jin to interview a psychotherapist as one of my assignment requirement. First time taking public transport alone going to a place which I got no idea where it is; and it was very scary. Since few years back incident, I'm now phobia with public transport, feeling so insecure. Lol. Special thanks to those who SMS-es and call me to check whether did I manage to arrived the place safely. What to do, thanks to my inborn blur-ness. XD

 Love you all! :)

Done with first interview. 2 more to go.
Feeling really blessed to have family and friends who cares about me so so so much. :)

Since Mama wanted to eat Indian food. 
So we came to this Indian restaurant. 
We ordered 1 set of Banana Chicken Leaf Rice and share. :)

Noticed the red circle. The first spoon I took. =]

Mama warned and said: Don't tell me you only eat this, I gonna tell your daughter then you know. 
Me: LOL -.-

And yes, I ate more than this. =P

Err, I forgot the name. ><"..
It taste like Curry-puff. =]

Mama and I while waiting them to give us sign the consent form. :)

I know He is always there for me all the time. Though I can't see, but yet I can feel the support and encouragement He gave me. Whenever I feel like giving up, I pray for His guidance and strength. When I feel helpless, I pray for his wisdom so that I can make the correct decision. Always have faith in Him. Pray and trust in God. :)

Those who always be with me. Thanks for those encouragement too! :)

Hang on..
I'm not alone.
I'm fine.
Life still goes on. :)

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