Thursday, August 7, 2014

Awesome trip with Uni gang @ JB - Part 1

As what I've promised, I shall now update about my trip. Away from home for around 3 weeks for this trip. *15 days with friends and 5 days with family continuously* Such a long holidays I had. The longest trip I had with my friends. Heh. :]

I'm still having my holidays now. 2 weeks+ before Year 3 Sem 2 starts, my final year before my internship. Ehem. So, for those who wanna date my out, please book me early. HAHAHAHA. Lol. =P

Hmm, I kinda lazy to write out every single details about the trip. Too many things. And...... I kinda forget some of the details. Meh. I wanted to note down during the trip. But...... I forgot. Zzzz. -.-

So, here's part 1. There're 5 of us - Ellie, Kek, Pevi, Dino and me. :)

I gonna write about the trip at JB first. Spent 4 days 3 nights at JB. Quite rush actually. Because............we book wrong flight ticket. How genius are we? LOL. We wanted to book August flight, but we ter-book July flight ticket. Thank God it was after our exam ended. Or else, we paid for nothing. Pheww. =/

As I've mentioned earlier, the day before our trip we went Sunway Lagoon with Uni mates. Ellie, Kek and Pevi came over and stay at my house. Had a lot of fun before sleeping. They make friends with my mom within less than an hour [o.O"] - Pakat with my mom to take out some of my luggage. Zzzz.. So, all of us sleep quite late even though we're dead tired. Lol.

The next day we gotta wake up early, around 5am - 5:30am cause we're taking the earliest bus to JB. So, can imagine how exhausted are we at that time? Nowadays youngsters.... Ehem. HAHAHA.

So, I gonna use pictures to represent all those details. And yes, for sure, I not gonna post all pictures. But I'll take the most amazing pictures la. Heh. Pictures timeeeeeee. :)

Day 1 [17-7-2014]

  • Inside the bus, from KL to JB
1, 2, 3, 4.... Someone is missing. HAHAHAHA. And Ellie, you cannot take nice nice picture one izzit? Your style...... Meh. >.>

We reached Bdr Tasik Selatan around 7:10am. Thanks my brader for waking up early and fetch us. Heh. Bought 8am ticket and bus ONLY depart 8:20am. Ehem. All of us sleep all the way to JB cause we only had 3 hours+ of sleep. Lol. Reached JB safely around 12:30pm. :)

  • Lunch (Don't know the place name -.-)
Had chicken rice as our lunch. Yummy. :) 

  • Visitation to condom factory
Pay a visit to condom factory. Thanks to Pevi. Nice experience though. Learn something new. Don't judge.... =]

  • Dessert time @ Happy Land Ice-Kacang

  • Walk around Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) while waiting Dino to arrive.
And then, within 30 minutes........... I bought this! Lol. Another new pair of shoes. Nike Air Max. =/ 

I would say, quite cheap laa. Err, original price RM599.90, after discount RM240. Price okayy, right? I wanted this since I saw it last year, but I already had one of it. So, I choose not to buy. The moment when I saw it, I was like.... OMG, if got my size I'll sure buy it. Then, lucky me, got my size, ONE PAIR ONLY. BAHAHAHA. Then called my mom - she says OKAY. Then DEAL. =P

You definitely can't get this price at KL shop. For those who want to buy cheap Nike shoes, not the newest edition of course, please pay a visit to JPO. Hee. =]

  • Dinner @ Ban Heong Seng Restaurant 万香城餐馆
 Learning how to pluck rambutan using stick. :]

From the left: Beggar Chicken 叫化鸡, Melon Soup 冬瓜盅, Country Fish 家乡鱼, Curry Prawn 加哩虾 & Tung Hoong 冬粉

Thank Kek's parents for treating us the dinner. :)
  • Yamcha @ Roost

The ambience and decoration at Roost. :)

Ellie with many different weird expressions. Lol. =]

Day 2 [18-7-2014] - Singapore. This will be in Part 2. Stay tuned.... :]

Day 3 [19-7-2014]
Before the day, we went Singapore for 1 day trip. It was fun but yet tiring. So, all of us sleep till noon. Amazinggggg. Lol.
  • Lunch @ Grill Bar

 Nice and well decorated ambiance. :)

  • Dessert time @ Headmost Cafe

Notice someone hand style? Ehem? Zzzz.. 

The environment quite nice, quite comfy. :)

The shop is well-designed with some cute paintings hanging on the wall. :) 

We ordered this - Premium Honey Toast @ RM28.90

Hmm, this was the famous dessert over there. We waited for quite some time for this. Personally think it looks nice, taste OK only. Nothing really special for me, just bread with ice-cream and some different toppings on it. It's huge, for sure 1 person can't finish it. So, please bring someone to share it with you. Lol. 

  • Tea-time @ Miyakori
Came here cause of bunny, Dino favourite. Heh. The shop is decorated with bunny, bear and frog, very cute. Even their beverages were designed too. :)

Poor bunny. Lol. 

Both of them can never take a proper picture. Lol. =]

 Hello, I'm Kek, promoting my phone. Wanna buy? Lol. XD

  • Had dinner at Pevi's house. Punjabi food. :)

Sunny day.
Selfie while going to Pevi house. :]

Thanks Pevi's mum for preparing all these food for us. It taste really good. Our first try - Punjabi food. Thank you so much. :)

Yummmmmmy~ :)

Finally, I'm done with Part 1. Editing photos make my eyes go nuts cause I got OCD in editing. Zzz.. Big half day gone. @@".. Not so sure whether I got the motivation to post Part 2, 3 and so on. Lol? Heeeeee.

Done with Part 1.
Stay tuned for the next update........ :]

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