Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ASUS! Bad Service!

Hey! How long and how many times have my laptop been service??? What the...... Until now it was not fixed yet, what kind service is this??? The service provided was not good, not satisfied with it.... It was so troublesome =(

My dad was not satisfied with the services provided~ Angry~ They were not responsible in it.... Bad bad =(

And, I gotta have assignments to do soon! Maybe this week or next week....But my laptop was still...........omg! Arggghhh! The technician said that my laptop dunno occur what problem, they still can't find it out...So, they ask me to take back my laptop first......(T____________T)
So, conclusion, I still have to wait! My laptop was not fixed yet! When only can get it fixed? How long do I still have to wait? Speechless~

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