Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Advanced Birthday Miss Eizan~

From the expression, we know that the cake is nice....
Right?? Hahahahaha.....
Hope you'll like it~ :)
Miss Eizan and Me~ ^^

The Birthday Card~

The birthday wishes that we wrote for her~
Hehehehe ^^

Happy Advanced Birthday, Miss Eizan!

Thanks for the 'Milo-Ais' that you treat me today! Hehehehe :) Wish you always happy and all the best in your future! Hope you get the suprise that we did today! Hehehehe :D

Bought her 2 pieces of cake at Starbucks! Hope it taste nice~ :) And we also bought her a Birthday card.....There were about 14 people who shared together! Thanks for sharing~ Hmmmm, kinda blur now, dunno what to write already....Hahahahha.... Last but not least, Happy Advanced Birthday again!!! :D

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