Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Brother!

This is a late post..... It should be on the 28th February 2010~ Hehehe..... Sorry, no time to blog about it...... These few days had been immensely busy! >"<~ Hohoho~ Nevermind, it's never to be too late.... As long as I did post about it.....Hahahaha....XD

Again! Wish you HapPy BiRtHdaY Ah Wei~ My boy, my brother.... 18th this year~ Big boy lor.... Kakax~ Wish you always happy and all the best in your future! Hehehehe~ [^>^]~ Enjoy those pictures! =D

~The LoVe oF ThE FaMiLy~

~My Family~

Last day of CNY~

We order Yu Sang.....^^

Fish Fish

Tools for eating crabs!!

~ Man Tao~

Wow!! So big!! XD

As big as my hand, almost the same~ Hahahaha..... XD

Salted Egg crab~ RM 80~

Sweet and Spicy Crab~ Another RM80 gone~
But, it was worth of it.... It taste really nice!!

My boy boy~ :D

Kiss Kiss by both of us......
My brother looks so nervous......


We're meant to be together! :)

Muakssssss~ XDD


Peace! Yea~~~

Ah Yih Eng and Me~

Ah Yih Gaik and Me~


Eileen said...

your family very warm,
wish you and your family happy forever^^

~VaNzY~ said...

Thanks Eileen! You too ya! Hehehe...[^>^]