Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Took 3 hours to reached home!

~Raeshyl and Me~
The one who I always love to kacau!
Hahahahaha :P

Rawr~~~ It tooks me 3 hours to reached home yesterday!!! Reason? It's all because of the RAIN! Well, I admit that I didn't bring umbrella, and basically that's my style. LOL. So? What-So-Ever!
Reached college 1pm, have HRM meeting. 12 people in a group! Only 5 attend because some of them were having classes, replacement class and blah blah blah. Anyway, I'm happy to be one of the group members with them. They are friendly and nice! Hehehe ^^

Our topic for HRM, Eployee Welfare. Not a hard or easy topic, I guess? We did find some information, but I think it was not really enough yet? Hmmmm....... Presentation will be held on the 15th of March! Awwwww!
Time is killing me! Do I have enough time? Urghhhh! My pack schedule:
HRM Presentation: 15th March 2010
BMT coursework deadline: 18th March 2010
HRM coursework deadline: 29th March 2010
Business Research: Every week also have to pass up those reports!
IB coursework: Will be given by this week, I guess? ><"
Okay! Let's back to the main topic! Hmmmm....... About yesterday, guess what time I reached home? 9pm!!! What? I'm not lying! It's 9pm! Gosh! Class ended at 6pm sharp! Normally, I will reached home around 7pm. But, NOT FOR YESTERDAY! ><

Rain heavily, like cats and dogs! I think if we wanna cross the street or road, we will be strike by the lightning? LOL =="~ Raeshyl and I waited until around 7:30pm only depart! Erkkk, first time! So, we went to the stall that beside our college. Wait, wait and wait. Chat, chat and chat. Finally, around 7:30pm, the rain become smaller. Thank God~ =D

On the way back, there was still tiny tiny small rain. Walk and run as the sky are getting darker and darker. Finally, we reached LRT station. Most of the time, it would be Ampang lane. But the fact is, I'm Sri Petaling lane. How lucky am I? LOL.

And so, as usual, took train with Raeshyl and changed it at Chan Sow Lin. Due to raining problem or some technical problem, the train keep moving and stopping within a few minutes. This makes Raeshy mad! Hahahahaahaha....

I kept disturbing and kacau her with some funny action. Talking some funny things. Doing some stupid or funny action towards her. This make her more MAD! Hohohohoo~~~ XDD

Superb annoying right? She said this to me, Wen Zi, I don't hit girls! Hahahahaahaha........ Laughing non-stop! This is what I like! A friend to me, good friend! I like to be myself. I like to jokes around! As long as I'm not too over. Hehehhe....
At Chan Sow Lin Station
Kinda dark...
And so, reached Bandar Tun Razak at around 8pm. Still raining. Conclusion, have to wait there. Car park at appartment there, kinda scary. No people and the place is kinda dark. But still I have to be brave enough! Just walk, alone and lonely~~~

My family called me twice, as it was late already, why am I still not yet back. Felt happy because they concern me? ><" Of course they concern and care about me! If not, who else? Hehehehehe......^^~ Not to be forgotten, Raeshyl did SMS me and asked me whether am I home yet! Thanks! :)

So, finally, I walk with my courage and finally I reached my car there. Reached there safely. And yeah, I'm still ALIVE! LOL. Not really jam when I drove home. Reached home around 9:15pm. And that is, my day end!

Took this picture while I'm in the car~ ^.^

P/S: Wow! What a long passage or articles I have wrote! First time I guess? If you read all of it, thank you for your support! Hahahahaha :P

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