Saturday, March 20, 2010

TAR College

Went to TAR College today. Accompany my brother and his friends to ask about their course thingy. Chee Ching and her brother tag along too. Same purpose for us to went there, also asking brother's information. The only different thing is, they took public transport and we took 'private' transport. Which mean CAR. Hahaahaahha. XD

About today, went out at 12pm and reached there around 1pm. Oh god! Don't know why, heavy traffic. Hate to stuck in the jam. Anyway, we manage to reach there safely. Hehehe....=)

Chee Ching brother's is interested in Business courses and my brother's and his friend are interested in Technology course. Although courses were different, but they're still facing the same problem, which is still don't know which course to choose. Hmmmm.....

Well, I understand their situation as I've pass through that stage before. It's really confusing which course to study. This? That? Huh? Ehem, don't say them, even now I'm still facing the same problem which is my Degree thingy. Confused too! Arghhhh~ Don't wanna think about this already. Disturbing my mind!!! =(

Went there for almost 3 hours. Visiting around the college. The environment is really big, I think I might be 'sesat' if I study there. LOL. Have a look inside the college environment, kinda nice, EXCEPT for the hostel.
Oh gosh. About the hostel, I felt scary when I went there. Building was old, toilet and bathroom was located outside. [0.o"]~ I WILL NEVER CHOOSE STAY THERE IF I STUDY THERE!!! Confirmed!

Reached home almost 5pm. Didn't stay at new house today. Waiting for Mr Pradeep email's~~~ Sir, faster email back me!!! I wanna upload my assignment to the TURNITIN~~~ Waiting~ Waiting~ Waiting~

Took some picture's inside the bus while they bringing us to visit the college~ =)

Inside the bus

Surrounding of the college
Another building

Focus on the sign.

[30 kmh]. If I drive faster than it?

Another building

The pondok

The hostel

TVFXQ~ =.="

RM 168 per month.
Fan + 1 small table + 1 bed + 1 locker.

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