Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gathering with my Primary and Secondary best friends!

Well, sorry for the late post. This should be last Saturday post, 03-04-2010. The reason why I late is because...... First, is because of I lost my camera adaptor. Sigh. Until now also can't find it back. I used another adaptor to load my photos in, just lucky it can be used. If not, that's it. No photos will be uploaded.

Second is because I'm busy. Yea. As you know, my exam is coming soon! T.T~~~ After finished doing and rushing all the assignments! And now, it's time to prepared for the exam! Busy doing notes now! And the notes are really killing me! Arghhhhh! Hate! Hate! Hate! :(

Hmm, don't talk about that anymore. Let me briefly write about the day I had with my friends. It was long time ago since I met them. I guess, 3 years? Ughhh! I miss them so so so much! I can't describe how much I miss them.

Some of them were my primary friends too. It's not easy to keep and maintain a 9 years time friendship. Ohh god! 9 years! I can't describe it. In Form 1, we were still in the same class. But later on when we're in Form 3, all of us were study in different class. :(

Well, on last Saturday. I came out with an idea which is to celebrate Jacyra's Birthday, advanced birthday. And all agree with it. Hehehe..=)~ I bought her a cake and birthday card. Hope she will like it. =D

We make 8pm as our gathering time. And of course, I have to reached there earlier because of the cake. Reached there around 7:45pm. But..............Guess what time did they arrived? ~~~~~~~~~~ 8:35pm only reached! LOL.....=.="~ Whatever lor, I'm not angry with it also...Hahahaha...XD

And so, we start chit -chatting with each other. 7 of them included me. All of them were working except me~ >.<"~ They told me that they will choose to work instead of studying. They said it's easier to work than study. I was like......Huh? Is it true? Hehehe..=)

Give her, Jacyra a birthday surprise. She was like........Huh? Har? What? Hahahahaha....Happy Birthday Jacyra. Wish you always happy and all the best in your future! You are my best friends since primary. I sit beside you since primary till secondary, we had our break-time together, we hang out together and many others more. Awwww....The memories with you are more than you can imagine! Miss all of you! =D

Birthday cake that we bought for her.
American Chocolate Cake!
Yummy Yummy! =D

Went here for our gathering.
Cowboy Delight~

The one and only group pictures!
Miss you guys so much!
When will be our next gathering? =D

Behind: Lit Mei, Seok Goon, Suet Li & Yee Bong
Front: Jacyra & Sook Han

My best friends since primary.
The birthday girl~ Jacyra~ =D

She's cutting the cake~ =D
Rawr! Hahahahaha......XD
She can't wait to eat the cake! XD
You and Me~
Lit Mei and Me
She was also my primary and secondary friend~ =)
Capture this by using her phone camera!

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