Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Streamyx Cool Uni Pack

Finally, after called, called and called. I get to know what's really happening now. Been calling TMNet for 5 days non-stop. Asking me to do something unrelated. If it's helpful then different story, but this totally can't help in anything. =____="~ Really get frustrated and angry.

And now, I get to know what problem it is. Sigh. Will not get to online for at least almost 1 month or more than that, I guess. You will ask me, then how I'm writing my blog now, right? Hahaha....... Yea, it's because I went out to Leisure Mall, Old Town to online. Have to do some correction for my BR assingment, will have presentation in this Thursday. Hmmm, hope everything will be fine. :)

Streamyx Cool Uni Pack .


Terminate my old line, which just registered even within 1 month. [O.o"]~ Registered for the Streamyx Cool Uni Pack. It was really cheap and worth for it. 4MB, only RM88 per month, inluded telephone rental. Free a netbook! Hehehehe... :)

Can't access internet for almost a week. And at first, I did felt uncomfortable for it, as I used to online everyday. But now, NOT ANYMORE. I started to enjoy my life without internet. Wahhh, I still can live without internet. LOL~

I'm thinking, I should thank God even though my internet can't access now. Because assignments have been done earlier. If it is now, I think I will really be in troublesome. Be positive thinking, I think God want me to concentrate and focus more on my exam as my exam is just around the corner. Less than 3 more weeks.

I'm really worried and scared about the exam. It seems everything still un-done. Haiz. For sure, I will not sleep well in these few weeks. This is what I always experienced. Pressure is hitting me. Gosh. Please pray for me and wish me luck in the exam. Amen! :)

Don't complaint. Appreciate every moments! :)

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