Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't say you love me because you don't even know me...

What is LOVE?

Don't say you love me because you don't even know me... Love. What is love? Love is patient, love is kind. It has no envy. Love is a feeling that happened between two or more individual. Love come naturally. No one can see it but we can feel it. :)

Well, these few days, through Facebook, someone tell me 'I LOVE YOU'. And I was...... "What? You don't even know me. I just knew you for 3 days I guess. And you told me this? You must be joking."~

In the previous post, I did mention that being in a relationship is not the thing I want. I just wanna focus on my studies now.

Nowadays, many people make new friends through internet. Not to say it was not good. But there was limitation. Please don't simply make friends that you don't know through internet!

When people ask for your phone number, please don't give them! When they invite you to go out, please don't dare to try! Even you know him for sometimes ago, but yet, you don't know the real personality of that person.

He can say anything to attract you. Like saying that you're pretty, you're the only one and blah blah blah........ But yet, who know the real him? No one knows. There are many cases happened that people making friends through internet. And no need I mention, you know what's the consequences. And so, please beware of who are you making friends with!

I'm not greedy. I just want everyone around me to be happy. Just that easy. Happiness can't buy from anything. When all of you happy, I also happy! Happy together! Just that simple. Cheers! ^^

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