Wednesday, June 9, 2010

谈情说案 The Mysteries of Love

Currently watching a new Hong Kong TVB drama called 谈情说案, The Mysteries of Love. Ohhhh! I love this drama so much! 林峯 is super handsome! Hahahaha..... Who haven't watched this movie yet, I recommend you all go watch. It's really nice! ^^

Watched until Episode 10~ Nice! Excited! Watched movie more than doing my assignment! Hahahaha..... Really lazy~ Lalalalala........ Almost finished my Consumer Behaviour assignment. Yeah! But I'm stuck with my Academic Language assignment. Don't know what to do. Blahh, don't care this first~ XD

Find some pictures from internet just now. Just wanna share it with all of you. Enjoy. Hehehe....XD


Professor Kingsley...
Handsome!!! :D

Cool~ Hehehe....

屎力妹 (Hope I write it correctly)

Bernice Liu~


Cool!! ^>^

Awwww! Handsome!!!

Wahhhhh~ Cool~

Professor Kingsley~


Investigating cases~

Cute! Hahahaha...XD

With 鬼佬~ XD

Day Dreaming~~~



clivo said...

Excuse me, may I ask you a question?

Do you know what's the background music at around 18th minute of episode 10?

~VaNzY~ said...

VaNzY-> Clivo
Hello! I got search for it, but I think maybe it's still new. So, I can't find the exact song name. Sorry for it.
But I searched one of the song name, called 'No Longer There'. Some part of the lyrics are same with the song in the drama. :)

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