Friday, January 7, 2011

Advanced Birthday Celebration with E-1. :)

It's time to update! This can't be a late post. This post should not be updated now, because I still got some previous posts haven't update yet. But, this posts is different. It gotta be URGENT. Reason? Because.... My beloved E-1 a.k.a Kutuu is gonna for internship this weekend. Sobs.. T___T" Gonna miss her a lots! Definitely I will! :(

Kutuu, thanks for everything you've did for me. Although it was not really a surprise, because I got a feeling that you'll celebrate it for me. Hahahaha.. Anyway, I wanna say millions of thanks to you. Sincerely from the bottom from my heart, thanks, thanks and thanks! :)

Let's begin the story- [4.1.2011]...

Out of the sudden, Kutuu told me that she wanna give me something. Huh? The first thought in my mind was "Yea, I know what she gonna do, but just that I have no idea what was it". Hahahaha.. And yet, what I guess is true. Yay! Hahahaha..

Ask my mummy permission to go there. And my mum was like "Huh? Go out again?!". I went out quite frequently last week and this week. I guess around 3 times.. ><"~ And so, I explain to her why I wanna go out and blah blah blah... 

I explained. Errrr, silent mood.............. No answer from my mummy. And so, I thought this plan will be cancelled off. I not dare to ask, and out of the sudden, when I felt like wanna give up, my mum suddenly open her "gold mouth" and asked me, "What time am I going out?". Huh???!??! I was like... WHAT? Am I dreaming? lol... Hahahaha..

Kutuu and I was really happy! It was like totally unexpected! Hahahaha...xD

Went to Pandan Indah there to find her. Well, this was my really first time to drive there alone. Wahh! Even I can't believe it! LOL. I admit, I'm a "road cacat". LOL. I'm serious weihh. The way which I haven't drive there before, usually I won't drive, but this time different. Hahaha, I have no idea why too. Hmmmm...
And so, journey start! IF DIDN'T JAM, IT ONLY TOOKS AROUND 30 MINUTES. But......!! The Pandan Indah there jam like nobody business. Tooks me around 1 hour to reached. Red light for 10 minutes, Green light for 1 minute. Wasted my time! Argghhhhhhh! -.-

Sigh. Forget that part. Reached Kutuu house safely. Went to Black and White Cafe for chit-chatting session. Enjoy every moment I spent with her. Only a simply present, no cake, no candles, but yet, I'm still very happy to celebrate my advanced birthday with her. Once again, thank you very much! Muaksss! :)

Photos time! I'm not gonna to upload all of it. I scared your computer might HANG later. Hahahaha.. Enjoy! :)

Happy Advanced 21st Birthday to myself. LOL.

 That was NOT wrapping paper. O.o~
Behind there wrote "愚人节快乐"..
Hahahaha.. lol..xD

Thanks! I'm really so happy to received your present! The hand-made card and lolipop. It's simple and nice! I'm really touched! Love you a lots! ♥

I asked: Why got lolipop for me?
She answered: Lolipop for kiddie nyamukk..

Hello?? I'm 21st aldy.. NOT small kid anymore.. Hahaha..xD

My lovely Kutuu~

Playing with the so called "vase".. lol..xD

蚊子 收..♥





Starfish~! xP

 Playing with my hands~ x______X!!

Nyamukk and Kutuu~


 Once again, thanks!

 She's dreaming about me.. Hahaha..

 Slurppppp~ x]

There are no good-byes, where ever we are, you’ll always be in my heart. ♥

P/S: I hope you'll always happy and cheerful. All the BEST for your internship Kutuu. Gonna see you after 3 months! I'll always remember all the moment I spent with YOU. Gonna miss YOU a lot! Take care! :)

I Miss You. :)

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