Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Convocation for Diploma 16-01-2011

Yay! Congratulations to myself and all my friends who graduates! After 2.5 years of studying in my Diploma in Business Administration, I've now graduate. Been struggling with assignments and exams. Really work hard throughout the studies, and now. Finally, we've graduate! Wheeee...

Studying life is not easy. I never can be go through it alone. Special thanks to my families and friends who always stay with me and gave me support. Whenever I need you, you guys always gave me the best support ever! Thanks everyone! :)

And now, Diploma life ended, it's time to fight for Degree life. Degree life is tough. Yet, I won't give up easily. I will do my best to achieve what I want. Because I believe that I'll not be alone. With all your supports and with the mighty of our Lord. I believe I can make it through. 

If you think you can, you can! It's just a simple sentence, yet it do give me courage. Never look down yourself, because you will never know it until you've try. Wishing everyone all the best in your studies! Cheers! :)

Took some pictures in the convocation. Not much, just a few pictures. Anyway, enjoy it. Hehe :)

Convocation Ceromony 2011

Yea, that was me! My dad took this photo!

 Me :)

With daddy and mummy

With Chee Ching

 Chee Ching and her "boy friend" =P

 Miss Chang

College mates..
Kian Vun and Yuen Heng..

Will you marry me.. Hahahaha..

 My daddy and mummy

Congratz to myself. :)

With Kok Hoe..

P/S: T.A.T gonna drive me crazy. This week gonna be a tired and stress week for me. Hopefully all my things and plan will go smoothly. God bless me. :)

Diploma ended. 
Degree, I'm coming!

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