Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, 2011..

Many posts haven't update yet. Getting lazy and lazier. ><"~ Or I should say as, getting busy and busier. Hahaha..

Been out for continuos 3 days non-stop. Enjoy! First day, went out with Honey and Tracy on Wednesday, having steamboat. Had a lot of fun chit-chatting and taking those FUNNY pictures. Hahaha.. Haven't edit yet, no time. ><"~ Will upload it later ya. =)

Second day, which is Thursday. Hang out with my beloved Kutu and Wenny. Wenny is my new friend. Hehe. Nice to meet you ya~ Singing-K with them. And I'm really sleepy and tired that day. I even can fall asleep while Singing-K. LOL. Fantasic huh? x]

Friday is the third day. Went out with my auntie and brother, having Thai Steamboat buffet as our dinner. Nice and yummy~ Ate till full~ Hehe.. Don't know what happened to my auntie car, suddenly the car light didn't work. Conclusion, reached home 12am. -.-

And for today, the last day of 2010. Going for a trip later with my brother and my aunties. Yay~ Will not be at KL this year. Wheee~ Slightly different this year, didn't countdown in KL. I still remember last year, where me, my brother and his friends, we went to countdown 2010 at Sg.Wang there. The first time ever went to countdown till late at night only back. Nice one. Hahaha..

This year gonna end soon. 2011 is coming. Time flies really fast. One year just gone like I just passed 1 day. Say Bye to 2010, Hi to 2011. A new year, a new beginning. Gonna be a challenge for me. Degree Year 3, I'm coming. Hopefully I can pass all the papers. It's hard, and I'm gonna strive hard for it!

Happy New Year Everyone. Have a blast one. :)

P/S: 不是每一句“对不起”,都能换来一句“没关系”。
Happy New Year everyone!
Have a good year ahead! :)

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ninnin♥ said...

Hihi!!Happy New Year 2011!!!=D