Monday, February 7, 2011


Just a briefly update here...

Happy Rabbit Year everyone! 

How was your New Year holiday? I bet everything so far so good yea? Hehe.. Once again, wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. Do enjoy the holidays with your loves one. 

For those who haven't married, please give more angpao. And for those who haven't married, get as much angpao as you can ya. Hahaha =P
Today was the 5th day of CNY. Huh! Time really flies so fast. 12:48am now. Since CNY starts, my sleeping time was upside-down. ><"~ Almost everyday slept around 3am, then woke up 12pm. Hahaha... *Still very proud to say it out...* LOL..XD
By the way, coursework really drive me crazy. Especially for QSBE coursework!!!!! Urghhhhh!!!! This Friday need to let Sir check. And I'm still KO-ing with it. No idea how to continue it now. Ohmygosh! -.- Wish me luck people! =X

Saw this from Facebook: Holiday and Homework are two things that should NEVER be put together. Hahahaa.. Strongly agree, hands up! Even legs too! LOL..xD

My eyes can't barely open now. Tired and sleepy even I take nap in the afternoon. ><"~ Well, it's time to off now I guess. Gotta meet up my friends later! WHeeee, it's a good day I supposed. Nightsss! Ciao~

In the year of 2011, I'm changing myself.
It's time for me to change.
I promised myself that I will do it, and I know can do it! :)

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