Friday, November 4, 2011

Fat little Kitty Shooting

There were few little kitties stay at my house's carpark. And the one I taken photo here was the one I love the most. Hehe. She used to follow me all way long to the place where I feed her food. Or when I park my car, she will usually "run" towards my parking lot. BUT....................with the condition of when she's HUNGRY. After she's full, she will usually ignore me. -.-

I usually feed them with biscuits and milk. You know what, one thing I always tell her, I said "Wait me, later take milk milk for you". *Ehem, I know sounds funny. ><"~* And guess what?! She really waited me at the lift there. Hahahahahaha. I don't know whether is she really understand what I said or she just appear at the place with the right timing out of the sudden? Hahahahaha...XD

And so, I took the opportunity to take pictures of her. I usually called her "Shui Mao", something means naughty cat. Hahahaha! Pictures time! =P

Biscuits which I've mixed with milk. Yummy! =D 

Fat Little Kitty. =P

Open mouth big big. =O

Another kitty, seldom will appear.  

The milk taste nice! Hah! =] 

Anything over there? =/ 

Hahahahaha. Love this shot so much!
Can see the tongue~XD 

Cat walk! =P 


Last picture, I guess she wanna say THANK YOU to me. 
Hahahahahaha... =P

P/S: Only slept for 2 hours yesterday. Ughhhh. Gonna went to bed earlier today! Very sleepyyyyyy!   Hopefully can sleep tight! Good nightssss! =/

This kitty got potential to become cat model! Hahahahaha...

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thehootingmind said...

good subject!
i really need to save more to buy slr grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! lol