Friday, November 4, 2011


Changed my blog header! But still with the same name header...XD

Oh yea, I'm here to update my blog now since I'm stuck with my ASSignments. Been almost DEAD doing it. You know what, the one which I always think it is the most EASIEST will ended up the HARDEST for me. Ughhh! -.-

Seriously stuck somewhere now. And I really feel like burning all those journals now!!! Sometimes, I don't think hard work will really pay off. No one can guaranteed that work hard can get good results. But, what I think was if I really work hard for it even though I don't get good results, at least I have did my best. No regrets. Hmmm, yea..... Sometimes life is unfair! =]

Sometimes, people who didn't work hard can get better results! How come? Unfair to me! Okay, well, I admit I am stupid! =(

No worries! I won't give up! ASSignment life is always hard especially it is 100% based. I don't know, I willing to learn! I learn from mistakes! Wrong just redo! Just like what I usually did. LOL.

Once I try, try and try, I bet it will getting better! Just like how I learn how to Photoshop. From totally don't know anything, I keep on try, try and TRY until I know how to use it. Although still not really PRO la, but at least I know some basic about it. =D

Nice? =D

Later having morning class. And it's 4am now! Hmmmm, tomorrow sleep in class la! =P And, and, and........................ My mum can't sleep too, and guess what she wanna do now? 1.....2.....3.....

I bet you can't! Because she wanna..................................

COOK now! LOL! Mama, you so CUTE! ==" But I still wanna say many thanks to you that you cook nice and healthy food for us everyday. Muacksss! =D

Mama, I love you muchie muchie! =D

Going off to bed now.
Good night!! =/

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thehootingmind said...

hello vanz thanks for the visit, i like ur photography skills, ur great
and anyway vanz u may consider following me...follow back :)