Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley

Since Christmas is around the corner, I'll update my post with Christmas theme too. The first post is at Mid Valley! Haha! =P

Went to few places to took pictures this year with my Baby60D! Woohoo~ The more I took, the more I learn how to handle it. Getting more and more interesting for me now! Hahaha! Wherever I go, Baby60D will hang along with me.. Took quite a lot of photos this time, but mainly... Noo, I mean all also without my face there. -.- Because I am the photographer, and no one help me to take picture. LOL. -.-

2 more days to go, then it's Christmas 2011. Woots! Time flies... 2011 ending and 2012 coming soon! And I seriously since don't know when I started don't feel like it's a celebration day. It's just like an ordinary days or holidays where shopping centre pack with people! That's all! =/

Well, less talk or else my post it's getting bored! Hahahaha! By the way, I went here for more than 1 time to took all these photos. Hehe.. And yeah, here is the last year MV Christmas decoration photos link, MV Christmas Decoration 2010. I prefer last year more compared this year. Anyway, it's pictures time!! Enjoy!! =P

This year theme MAZE~ 

Warm feeling yea.. =D 


I love this photo to the max!!
Stars.. Finally I knew how to took this type of photo!! Hahahaahahaha!! 

P/S: Got improvement on my photography skill yea? Muahahaha!! As I always said, practice always make perfect! =P

Christmas Collection 2 is coming soon! 
Stay tune!! =P

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