Friday, December 17, 2010

Mid Valley Christmas Deco..

Before I update this, I just wanna shout out loud, which is.................. 

I FINISHED MY EXAM!!!!!! FINALLY ENDED!!!!! Yeahhhh!! Relaxing now! Stress free! HAHAHA! Went out with my UAD friends just now. Had dinner and movie together! Had a great time! Gonna miss all of you! :)

I shall now enjoy my 3 weeks holiday to the maximum. Yes, everyday, every moment, every second! Wheeeee~ Got people date me out? Ermmm, yes or no? I don't know~ Hehehe.. At home I still can enjoy it~ As long as there's NO EXAM~ Hahahahaha~

I guess I'm just too hyper. -.- Well, let's back to the topic. This was a really old post. Took this last Saturday. But just that I got no time to update this. Yea, I went out again. I mention before right? My family LOVES shopping. x]

Hmmm, writting too much might make you guys feel sleepy. And I'm sleepy too. Because of the exam, didn't sleep well. So, let's make it sweet and short. Pictures time. Took pictures at Mid Valley there. Christmas Deco. Nice. For those who love Christmas decorations, you guys should go there! It was really nice. Enjoy! :)
At The Garden. :)


I want all of it~ ♥

 HUGE bear~

 Christmas Feeling~

 My siblings

 I'm blessed that I'm not alone. ♥

 The Bear is even bigger than me~ Haahahaha...xD

My sister and I

Exam finally ended! Wheeeee~
Hopefully I can PASS all the paper..
God bless..

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