Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My life in 2011

Happy 2012 year everyone~ Have a great year ahead! Forget the past and continue to live it up! Make your life as colourful as you can, because life just once! No regret! Woohoo.. Oh yea, I know it's a late post again. -.- Busy till I got no time to update it. Sorry. =]

In the year of 2011, many things happened, either good, bad, happy or sad. No doubt, this is what I always used to called it as LIFE. Life is always complicated. God want us to learn from mistakes, learn from weaknesses so that we can become a better and mature person! Take up the challenge people! =D

Yea, in the year of 2011, I go through many lessons! I learned a lot of things. Let me try to re-call back some of my stories...


  • Degree life started, and I always been busy rushing all those ASSignments non-stop. Ishhh.. =]
  • Diploma Convocation! =D

  • Get an award for the Dean's List Graduation Award Ceremony. =D

  • 21st Birthday celebration! Many friends help me to celebrate it! I celebrate it for more than 5 times! Muahaahaha.. Heheee.. =D.. My bad honey and lover stay over my house and help me to clean up after my party ended.. lol.. Thank you so much!!  Accompany me till my actual birthday date for whole day.. Love you guys the most!! ♥.. However, due to some incident, make me emo till BOOM! *Emo for months and months.....* Anyway, it's all past now! =]


  •  Enjoy my CNY celebration with my besties! =D

  • Brother birthday celebration at Jogoya with my friends! *Treat by me!* =P


  • Work at Education fair, KLCC. Reached MV then asked to changed place to KLCC. Took taxi and claim back money from college. lol.. =]
  • My Baby Canon appeared in my life! The one I love the most!! Hahahaha!  


  • Singapore trip with family!  =D
  • First time in my life to enter Casino (Singapore). Hahahahahaha!!   =P


  • Celebrate Mummy's birthday and Mother's Day together at Victoria Station. Purposely went to Damansara to get her a special cake! Heh! =P

  • 4 days 3 nights Penang Trip with my family. =D

  • Sa Koh Poh 80's Birthday celebration. =D
  • Honey stay over my house for 1 night to do card for my lover birthday! *Surprised* Wheeee.. =P
  • My Lover 20th Birthday celebration at Seoul Korea.  =D


  • My lovely Bad Honey 21st Birthday! Hehe..  =D

  • Stay over at my Bad Honey house~ =P
  • Nathelie's Open house.
  • First semester Degree results were out, disappointed with it. =(
  • Work at education fair, Mid Valley. =]
  • 4 days 3 nights Penang Trip with my UAD classmates. Took flight (Ehem, first time for me to took Air-Asia. Small and uncomfortable. -.-) and using public transport over there! Nice memories together. =D

  • Get my iBaby. Muahahaahaha.. =P


  • Ching's 21st Birthday Celebration at 100'C.
  • First time asked people who I don't know go out.. Giving surprised to others.. lol.. Thank god I successfully did it! =]

  • Stay over at my Bad Honey house again. =P
  • Emo due to friendship. Emo till BOOM......... T.T~
  • Got a new watch!   =P 

  • Kuantan Trip with my auntie. =D


  • Rushing my final project till I almost dead. Meeting with supervisor make me seriously pissed off. =]
  • My beloved Kutuu Birthday, celebrate it at Mid Valley. I will always kept my words. ♥ =D


  • 4 days 3 nights Penang Trip with my family again. lol.. =]

  • 3 days 2 nights Melacca trip with my brother and classmates! We make steamboat for our dinner, we drink at night, we play water till 1am in the midnight... Play till CRAZY! Hahahaha! =D


  • Went to HomeDec and ended keep taking photo's non-stop! Finally successfully learn how to used slow shutter speed. Hahaha~ =P


  • 3 days 2 nights PD and Malacca Trip with family. Met with an accident and thank god we're still alive! =]

  • Raub trip with family. =]

  • Straighten my hair for the 2nd time in my life. Hahahaha.. lol.. =P
  • Fall in love with Rainie Yang after watched her drama "Love you (醉后决定爱上你)". I almost gone crazy, kept listening to her songs and watching her drama non-stop!! Went to Youtube kept searching for her news. Purposely sign up Weibo to follow her. LOL. =/ *I love her new hairstyle so much!!* =]


  • Having lunch at Shogun with my brother! =D

  • Exam for my very first time in Degree, UK paper. First time changed to exam format, no key topic, no format, no area to focus. Know nothing! Almost get killed. Ughhhhh. Pissed off with CE lecturer, non-stop cancelled class and only get our exam focus area before 3 days of the exam! Rush like H*ll. God bless all of us can pass the exam. =] 
  • Sing-K for more than 4 times in 1 year. The most number of times for me! lol. Kept singing Rainie Yang Song in KTV non-stop.. @@"~
  • Work at education fair, PWTC.. Before the day of exam I am still working Wonderful. =]
  • Work at education fair, Mid Valley. Hit the target given! Although tired but fully satisfied! Woohoo! Boss belanja us drink + Jogoya lunch treat! First time! Hahahahaha! Happy! =P 

  • Non-stop hanging out with family. Tired.. Taken many photos, seriously just way too many! But all didn't post up. -.- Too busy. Zzzzz... =]

  • PD and Malacca trip, first trip with my Bad Honey, Lover and Eileen + Brother! Hahaahaha! Although it's only 2 days 1 night trip, but all of us enjoy so much! Memories always with me! =D 

  • Coloured my hair. *Ehem, this time very super natural colour....* =/
  • My lovely Baby Canon admitted to "hospital". Arghhhhhh!!! So, no photo taken recently until my Baby Canon come back to me.. I AM WAITING YOU COME BACK...T.T~

Time flies when you look back. And here are most of the activities that I've done in the 2011 year. Seriously, everything just like happened few days ago. Time really flies without notice us.. People, appreciate every single moments! Time won't wait for us and please use your time wisely! =/

In the year of 2011, many things happened, either good or bad; and it has now became part of the HISTORY. All those memories are still with me, either sad or happy; and I still cherish the one who always care and love me so much. I cherish those moments where I enjoy with my family or friends. As I always said, pictures always capture those memories!

When I look back all those pictures, I laugh and I feel like crying too. Those pictures bring me back to those times. It re-called me back a lot of memories. Things changed and people tends to change too. Too bad. =(

In the year of 2012, my life gonna be even more colourful! The past is still the past! And I think I already did my best in the year of 2011 and I gonna do it even better than previous year. I learn from mistakes, I grow become more mature. New year, new life, new aim. Last but not least, wishes everyone Happy Blessed New Year! Cheers! =D

The 2011 me. I am still me. =]

P/S: How about your 2011 year? Everything so far so good I bet? Hehe.. Life still continue people! Don't worry, be happy! =D

Bye 2011.
Hello 2012.

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