Friday, February 24, 2012


My final Degree results were out. And yeah, now I can say that I PASS ALL MY DEGREE PAPERS!!! Woohoo~ Congratulations to myself and all my friends! =)

Oh well, not a very good results I get for my Degree studies. Although I did really put a lot of effort in it, but yet still, I guess I failed to achieve what I really want. A bit disappointing la of course. But yeah, I told myself, nevermind. At least I PASS all the papers! Without any failures...

Hmm, I guess this is the only thing which I can concern myself now...

I don't know with this results whether can I really proceed to another stage, but of course I hope so. But if really can't, I'll choose another route. I pray to God to see what HE really wants to do in the future. No matter what HE had chosen for me, I will always obey HIS words. I know, and I knew HE already chosen the best way for me.. And yet, I always believe in HIM like what I always did. Amen. =)

Don't worry, I'm always cheerful~
I won't be lost somewhere this time.. =)

P/S: I guess I have to accept the true facts, and I have to believe that studies is just a process...

I told myself nothing can beat me down.
And yea, I will strengthen myself to fight in the future. =)

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