Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank You CANON!

Just received a superb good news! Guess what? Muahahahaha... I'm just too happy to say or write anything..XD
Out of the sudden, my finger accidentally click into Canon webpage. Hmmm, I don't know why I did so.. Then, surprisingly, who knows that I saw the contest result was out. I then just go through it like normal checking to see whether did I really manage to get it... *My mind: mostly ended up with dissapointed, sigh...*

It has been few months ago since I enter this contest. I almost forgotten about it though. LOL. Click into the pages..... See see here, see see there, scrolling down, keep on reading it and and and.................................. I SAW MY NAME THERE. Muahahahahaha!!!

I were just freaked out and check it again! But yet, it was REAL... Hahahahaa... This can be consider my very first contest I enter. Although I didn't manage to get through the Top 10. But yet, I manage to get through Top 100. Hahahaha.. Just one difference of "0" only la yea.. =P

Among 166th prized I get "51th to 100th winner prizes". My very first contest that I enter! OMG. I'm just so happy now! I'm just so lucky! You know what, more surprising me was, before knowing that I won those prizes, I plan to buy a EOS Cleaning Kit and EOS Camera Strap for my baby camera. But who knows, the prizes that I get include in it! Hehe.. =)

If I get 101th prizes winner. Then I might have to buy it myself. Which mean money fly away again! LOL. Awwww. But Dear Lord, HE always prepared the best things for me. HE knew what I want! And now I can get it for FREE... Woohooo~

Yea, once again, I'M VERY HAPPY!!! =D

Yea, today is a happy day for me. It is really happy to get something I really like and yet I won in the contest! I will not give up~ Happy...Wheeeee... =D

In order to prove that I didn't see the wrong name, please kindly help me chcek.. Wakaka... =P
My name right? Wahahahahaha!!! XD

Happy! I'm blessed! =D

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