Friday, June 1, 2012

"Love the things you are doing, or else, forever you won't be success".

I seriously can't believe that today it's already 1st of June, which mean exams are just around the corner. T.T~ Left 1 more month to go, and yeah, that's it. Say HI to exams... Can't wait for the 1 month holidays now! Feel so tired and lack of sleep nowadays, and I bet this will continue till I finished my very last lovely papers. Aikss. ><"~

But...... Aiya, still got 1 more month! Still got time laaa. *I hope -.-* And the best thing is today is FRIDAY. HAHAHAHAHA!! I can rest at least! =P.. Ended my morning class and back home straight away sleep from 3pm till 7pm. 4 hours of nap! LOL. How exhausted am I huh? Heh... =P

Okayy, let me crap about my studying life a little bit. Some little updates.

As a psychology students, there are always experiments going on. For us will be starting next semester, so for now, we have/need to go to our seniors experiments to support and learn how to conduct an experiment. Been participates in at least 6 experiments. The first time actually not really willing to go, hmmm, don't ask me why, just no reason. =P.. But now, I started to fall in love with experiments. HAHAHAHA.. I feel fun somehow. =P

Wait, clarify a little bit. I love to participate in, but not the one who need to conduct the research. LOL. Participants and the one who conduct is TWO BIG DIFFERENT things. =].. As a participant, I only need to go and sit for the experiment, listen and say bye bye.. But for the one who conduct, you have to do all the things including passing up final research paper/report. -.-

Seems hard huh.. But I guess time will make me feel better and better. I started to know what is psychology now as I am superb blur everyday or most of the time. HAHAHA.. Don't laugh, at least I admit it. =P.. You know what, one way to make your path to be successful is to "Love the things you are doing, or else, forever you won't be success".

It's as simple as that. If you don't love for what you're doing, you feel tired, stress and fed-up easily. Instead of keep mumbling this and that, I rather be the one who work hard and start loving for what am I doing now. Cheers. =)

Seldom logging to FB nowadays, all notifications keep booming me. LOL. And I guess I will be busy till I finished my assignments and exam. Hmmm, and yeah, today it's FRIDAY........... Don't stressed yourself up people! Play hard study smart! =P

Small music notes. Hee =D

P/S: Taken shots of Mickey Mouse fair at MV. Will post it up soon! Be patience.. Hee.

Love your life, things get little easier. =)

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