Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mickey Mouse Fair at Mid Valley

Like what I promised earlier, let me update about the Mickey Mouse fair at Mid Valley. Been taking all these photos last week when I went to Mid Valley with my family. Niceeeeee.. ♥ I taken about 400+ shots! But I only update part of it here, or else, I think it will take forever to upload it. LOL. =]

No grandma story today, a picture paints a thousand words. HAHAHAHA. Sharing is caring. By the way, this fair is until 10th of June if I'm not mistaken. Enjoy. =)

There are way a lot more than what I post. Haven't went there yet? It's time to do so! Hee. =D

P/S: Dinner with an old old friend just now. Chit-chatting many things after long time didn't met each other. He's flying to UK next week for 3 months studying there. Sincerely wish you all the best in your studies. Hope to meet you up later after you back! Hee. =D

And it's time to back to reality, tomorrow is MONDAY again. Presentations, research report, quiz are all on the way saying HI to me.............. Zzzz.. Wish me luck! =]

One of the pic I took with Mickey!
HAHA. Nights. =P

Mickeyyy Mouseee ♥

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Cik Semut... said...

hate Monday rite...same goes here..too many homework waiting to be done..good luck..^^