Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013

This would be my first post. Happy 2013 people! I'm getting older. LOL. What-so-ever, who cares? =P

I'm having my looooooong holiday this round. Muahahaha.. 3 months! Yesss! I will definitely enjoy it to the max with no regrets! =P.. Oh yea, my blog seems so dead now. Even my FB too. Internet 24 hours for me means nothing. I don't used it at all. I would rather play with my iBaby or watching drama now. I just love my life now.

Haven't been taking any interesting pictures currently. Went for a 4D3N trip on 23rd to 26th Dec 2012, a Christmas trip.... But "LUCKY" me falling sick during the trip. Thanks to my lovely exam. Ehem.. -.- So yea, LESS pictures due to this reason. =P

Gift from the hotel. Hahaha..
Christmas gift. =)

My crazy besties~ I crazy they also crazy.
That's why we are FRIENDS. =P

I look so blur as usual. Hahahaha. =P

Blue blue sky =)

Night shooting


That's all for now.
Will update if I feel so. =P

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