Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outing with friends AND tomorrow is my day?!

Hellllllo, I'm here to update again! =P

Went out past few days with 2 gangs. Within 4 days, went out 2 times. Hahahaha. Enjoyable, it has been quite some time since all of us last met.

Gang 1, 4 people. The longest time since we last met was like 5 years back and some is around 1 year. Wow, we still look the same. Hahaha.. Went out quite late around 8pm, and surprisingly my car got clam by the management. Stup*d... Wasted like more than 30 minutes for waiting the guard to unlock it. -.- Forget it, back to topic. Went there to YamCha, chit-chatting and playing poker cards. Nice session we have. And surprisingly, I reached home around 2am. Hahahaha, what a miracle happen to me. LOL. Anyway, I enjoy the session and our next outing will be Feb/March according to them? Heh! =P

2 of them were my primary school mates and 1 is secondary. =)

Gang 2, 3 of my Psych coursemates. Went to MV yesterday with my girls. Had Sushi Zanmai for our lunch and walk around. We spent a lot of time in chit-chatting as this is what girls mostly will do during outing. Hahaahaha. Enjoy my day with them and take some crazy pictures too! =P

Have you seen before ghost like to self-capture? 

Can you notice a FOUR alphabet from the Lego that me and Dione build?
Hehe.. ^^

Hahahaha, me and my Baby Dioneeee..XD

I'm Mamii and she is my babyy..
Big penguin and small penguin...XD

I know both of it looks like me =P 

And lastly, my green baby Dioneee of the day!

And yea, not to be forgotten, tomorrow is my day?! Uh-huh? Anyone remember? Hahahaha.. But anyway, as I won't have any grand celebration as usual, so yea, it's just another normal day for me. Hehe. =D

P/S: Tomorrow gonna go MV again with anothe friend, most probably? No idea, let's wait for my next update! =D

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