Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love it or hate it - Rats Brain

Arghhhh. Damn stressed. 
Quiz tomorrow. About? About? About? 
Bet you can't guess it. 

Rats Brain. 
See, told you, you won't be able to guess it correctly.

My sis asked: Why print out the same thing for so many pages?
I answered: Now you know why I so stress. It looks so similar, but in fact it's different!

Been memorizing all those parts since this Wednesday. 
The more I try to memorize, the more I got confused. 
Seriously. Ughhhh.

Had a sample of the quiz in Tutorial class this Thursday. 
Surprisingly, I manage to answer all of it correctly. 
Happy? Yes, of course I'm happy. 
I told myself, I'm just lucky to get it right.
Uhmm well, maybe.... My hard work seems paid off. 

I spent whole freaking day from morning till night just to memorize 16 slides of the 4cm rats brain. 
No joking. 16 slides ONLY to me is like reading 1 whole textbook. -.-
Yes, it might sounds a bit too over. 
And my Science sucks anyway.

I don't understand why Psychology students need to take this subject.

So, you might think, why am I still so stress on it then? Since I've memorize all of it dy.
Yea, I wish so.
2 days ago, I just found out that we also have to memorize the "uploaded text-book" in e-learn. 
Then I was like.................... GG. 
Stress level elevate on the spot.

So, my original plan screw dy la of course.
My initial plan was to revise again the 16 slides of rats brain, do some correction for my thesis, read History textbook (Imma sucks at History also T_T) and so on....
Then now it become fully occupied by the "left-over rats brain info".

I hate when my plan didn't follow accordingly as what I've planned. :(

So, very obvious. This also means that my sleeping time back to abnormal again. 
Sleep with textbook and notes again.
Fall asleep unconsciously and even alarm can't wake me up.
My alarm snooze for like 2 hours also I can still sleep like a dead pig.
Honestly, people come and rob me also I don't know I guess. 

There's an internship fair tomorrow at Uni. 
I'm still not so sure where am I going to work at.
What type of job should I choose?

When I'm stress, I don't talk much.

Love it or hate it.
Dear rats brain, I really really really love you.
Please love me back.  

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