Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Semester 3 results out!!!

No need looks like her already......
Results out!!!
Hehehehee ^^

Wooooooots!!! Semester 3 results out today!!! Hmmm, according to what I know, the results should be out tomorrow....... I have no idea why it was out today...... Oh ya, I think it's good for me to know the results today, if not, tonight really no need sleep.......Wahahahaha ;p

Ermmmm, how was the results??? I think I was satisfied with the results........ Congratz to myself first, I PASS all the subjects!!!!! Hahahahaha ;p Happy and also wondering about my future now......... Is this really what I want???

Well, I trust God will help me and always stay beside me when I met problem........ I know!!! Trust God and yourself!!! You can do it =)

P/S: Post my results out just wanna shared it with all of you ^^ Have to study harder for this semester~

Results for Semester 3:
Fundamentals of Management ---> A

Business Law ---> A
Information System ---> B
Business Statistics ---> -A

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