Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Birthday Gifts...

Okay! Finally, I have finished my part of Business Research assignment! Partly~ Hope it was correct! And now, I'll upload some pictures of my birthday gifts....... It was not much, but I do appreciate it a lot!!! Thank You very much!!! =)

Nisha bought for me! Hehehehe....
Thank You so much!!! =)
Guess what is this??? =D

Yea! It was a 'sand-timer'~
Ermmm, don't know what is this called... Hahaha....
Anyway, I like it so much! :)

Angpao from both of my aunties and one of my relative....
Thank You! =)

Guess who gave this to me???? [o.O]~
Tadaaaaa, it was my brother!!! Hahhahahaha...
Thank You!!! =)
Feeling like he's giving me CNY angpao~ Wakakax~ XD

From Ah Yih Gaik! =)

Belt~ She knows I'm finding a belt... Thank You! Hehehe..=)