Monday, May 3, 2010

Fed-up with TMNet service!!!

Fed-up with TMNet service!!! It has been 2 weeks I didn't update my blog. Sigh. Not because I'm lazy or did not have any things for me to update. But it's because my internet line was still under progress. Haiz. When only I can online like last time? When?!?!??

Called that TM guy for many times, line always can't reached. SMSed him, but also no reply. Really fed-up!!! He said if terminate line it will only take 1 week, but it was more than that now! Grrrrrrr!!!

Anyway, I'm not used to online like last time. I started to love my life without internet . Without internet, 'books and notes will be my best friends'. Hahahahaha. Ahem~ Not because I'm hardworking, it's because I have to.

Got a lot things wanna update. But I have no time to do it. Been busy last past 3 days. Attending cousin wedding. Congratulations to both of them. Will update my cousin wedding soon. Be patient ya. Heheehhe :)

Exam is just 5 more days to go. Revision, revision and revision. Let's study hard together. I believe we'll make it through. Good luck everyone! All the best! :)

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