Monday, May 31, 2010

伴 Companion

Who is your companion? ^^

My brother and my hand...

伴, Companion....... I believe everyone need a companion in our life. Don't you? I felt that it's really important to think about our future companion. Because the one you've choose, he or she will be the one who you will be facing with in your life time. Don't ever regret with your decision. :)

Are you the one who will be with me in the rest of my life? Are you? :)

By the way, I'm not in a relationship. I'm still single. Hahahahas..... Anyway, I'm enjoying my life now. Being in a relationship is not what I want now. Currently, I just wanna finished my studying and think about my future thingy.

Economic is becoming poorer and poorer. Inflation happened again! Ishhhh! Why don't it also inflation about those salary? =______="~ Things getting more expensive and expensive, but yet, the salary is still remain the SAME! How to survive?

And so, we must now learn not to spent too much. Learnt to save, save and save! Save water, electricity, energy and MONEY of course. Hehehe...... Buy things that are needed. Don't buy things that are not neccessary. Hmmmm, to say it's easy, but how many of us can really do it? Hmmpphh...... >______<"

P/S: Tomorrow going to going out for a date! Movie and Shabu 1... Woohoo~~ Excited! ^^

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