Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Education Fair 12-13 March 2011

Since the last few posts, my posts all were about my moody feeling. >.<"~ And it's time for me to update something else than those sad posts! Go away~ Go away~ Life still goes on no matter how. Hehe =)

Actually I got PLENTY of photos wanna upload! Just too MANY! Should have uploaded those happy moments here so that I can shared about my happiness and daily life to all my readers. But, really sorry.  I knew my blog just been changed to those moody posts recently. >.<"~ 

I promised I'll update more photos just like last time. Write more about my happy memories and happy moment where I spent with my loves one. I promised. =)

Oh yea, back to the topic. Working at Education Fair last Saturday and Sunday. This was my thrid time to work as a student helper. I enjoy this job. Quite tiring actually, stand for whole day long. Need to hit target which have been set. But yet I still enjoy it. At least I'm happy with my work. =)

Working make me forget those unhappy moments. Yea, most of my time had been occupied with my work. All my attention just focus on working. It really make me feels good. LOLs. What a weird me? -.- Hahahhaha! Whatever, as long as I'm happy with it. =)

 KLCC Exhibitor pass~

 The database which I have collected~

Nothing to do while having my lunch..XD

This is an exceptional case!!
Supposed to work at Mid Valley.
But then after I reached, they said KLCC not enough student helper. -.-
And so, I become white mouse~~ >.<"~
Took taxi to KLCC~~
Luckily can claim back transportation fees from college..XD

It's middle of the March now. Time really flies.The feeling for me now was just like I just enter my Degree for the first week. I look back those days where I can't even remembered what I've done. What I can remembered it that my life is FULL WITH ASSIGNMENTS! LOLs. My life! -.-

Assignments are really killing me. Redo-Redo-Redo...... Gosh. What to do? This is studying life. 9 more months to go then I'm going to enter new environment a.k.a working life. Hmmmm, I still wondering on what should I work as after I graduate. Headache topic for me. =(

God, please give me guidance. I really need help. I'm lost. Please lead me the way and I know, YOU will. Amen....

I enjoy my working day. 
It's tiring but yet I feel happy and satisfied. =)

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