Sunday, March 20, 2011

KL 1 day trip.

19/03/2011- KL 1 day trip. Out from morning till night. Hahaha. Happy and enjoy yet tiring day. =)

As usual, went out with Mikiko and Tracy again. Enjoy my day with them so much. Ate a lot of things. But yet, we just used RM30 whole day. Hahahahaha. Cheap? Learn from us! =P

Took bus to TS. It has been quite sometimes that I didn't took bus. Since 2009 or 2010? I also can't really remembered. Sometimes I really miss those days where I took bus to college and I'll purposely change bus at some station to meet with my friends. Just to take the same bus with them. Reason? Ehem, for chatting purposes. Hahahaha. =P

Oh ya, what I wanna say is.... My mum worried me that I don't know how to cross the road and take bus. And so, she sit in the car till I went inside the bus. Mama, I love you! You care me so much! Really so touched~ T^T~ But yet, it make me feels like I'm still being a small kid. Hahahaha.. ><"~

Hmm, what-so-ever. That was not the main point anyway. Hahahaha.. Well, of course, I reached my destination safely...XD

Our breakfast. For me, it was my first time having breakfast at McD, not bad! Nice~ Reason why we went there? Know the reason? Yes? No? Hahahahaha. 1....2....3....! Times up! Yea, it's because of the McD breakfast promotion. Really worth to go for it. Haven't try it yet? Go TRY it now! =]

We order 2 sets. 2 x 2 = 4..
3 people eat 4 sets!! Fantasic..XD

 Purchase of minimum RM5 to get McD 2 sets of FREE breakfast! =)

 Looks not bad, and the taste was good too! =)

Later on, went to walk around all the places. Snap some stupid and funny photos too. Hahahaha. I guess it has been a trend for me to do so. I don't really care. As long as I enjoy it, others perception were not important at all. Hahahahaha.. Have a look at some picures. Yo!

Michael Jackson look!
Yee Haaaa....XD

 MJ look again.

 Hahahahahaha, Bad honey... FAILED look.

Lover, she bought this hat. Hahahaha..
Look like Korean girl..XD

We had snowflakes at Pavillion. This was my third time eating this. The first time when I ate it, I don't feel it taste nice seriously. But the more I eat, the more I like. Hahahahaha..

Yam, pearl, red beans with ice...

It does not looks good I know. But the taste was nice! =)
Best selling! =)

Yummy!! I prefer this because the other one got red-bean. -.-
Taste weird. o.O!!

My lover become a Korean girl aldy. Hahahaha..
An-yong ha seh yo. (Nice to meet you)....XD

The besties!
Eat~ Eat~ Eat~

Later on, we had our lunch and dinner at a Restaurant called Lemon Grass (I think so? ><"~). Food not bad, nice.  =)

Tomyam Set. Me and Lover ordered this. Yummy.
RM13.50 after tax. =)

Chicken Soup. Honey ordered this. With drinks and dessert too. =)
RM11.50 after tax.

We had Kindori Ice-cream and also Shihlin Snacks (士林) too. Yummy~ Don't get shock that we ate so much. Most of the time when we hang out, our main objective is to EAT. Tracy loves to eat as to release her stress. Hahahahaha..XD

Kindori ice-cream set. RM 17.90~

 Bad Honey! =P

Hehe, end my post with this pic. =)

That's all for that day. Went out at 9am and back home at 8pm! Hahahaha. Chat a lot of things. Did a lot of stupid pose too! Hahahaha. We just gone crazy yea?  Hehe =)

And it's time for me to sleep NOW. Last 2 days slept at 4am and slept around 5am yesterday. Getting late and late. Slept only for like 5 or 6 hours. Sigh. Tired and sleepy, but I forced myself not to sleep. LOL. No comment. ><"~  

I know it's not good. And I just have no idea why I do so. I'm not thinking those things. Hmmmm. No, I'm sure I'm not. In the middle of midnight doing courseworks is the best things! Yea~XD.. Night everyone! =)

Be who you are, not others want you to be. =)

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