Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Baby ♥

Just a simple update. Short and sweet. =)
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25/03/2011... The day which my new baby was born together with me. Wheeee.. Thank you mummy!! Thank you so much!! I love it so much. ♥

I wanted this for long long time ago, and finally... I get it!! I appreciate it a lot!! Happy~ Hehe.. =)

This was the dream camera which I ever wanted. 
Canon EOS 60D~ ♥
Thank you so much for everything, mama!! =)

Compared with my last time one, this one was much heavier!
But yet, I still LOVE it! Muahahaha...XD

Yo! Playing with my New Baby~ ♥
Wheeeee~ Hahahahaha...

My mood for today:
Sometimes I just don't understand why... I guess I just care too much. I really hope miracles would happen once again. Will it happen? Only God will know...
Thank you so much for everything!!
Mama, I love you!! =)


Yin's said...

Dear Wify♥,

Just a short memo from your hubby...
your new baby really looks good. although i don't really know how to play with it! BUT at lease you ENJOY it!


Vanzy Lee said...

Thanks! But I'm still blur with it now. Hahahaha. It takes time to learn though. Hehe =)

Happy to get it anyway. Hehe..^^