Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool

A day which I can consider as bad luck? ><"~

Having morning class as usual. Went to college to print out my assignment because wanna let my lecturer check. But who knows. Both printers "ROSAK" when I wanna print my assignments out. Yea, funny. -.-

Waited 30 minutes for the first printer, when almost my turn, it get hang over there and the guard can't solve it off and he just switch it off. Zzzzz.. Wasted my time. Class starts at 9am and it's already 9:10am that time. ><"~

Second printer which located at the Library. Got 2 printers, one "ROSAK" already, which mean it left one only. Faster choose 1 computer so that I print out my assignment, but.........who knows, once I used the computer, the computer HANG there. Totally can't open. Black and white screen. -.-

What-so-ever. Used another computer and faster get into the queue as I know I'm late to class. I think I'm the second or third who use the Library printer. But guess what? Once my turn, the printer can't works out again. LOL.  -.-

Once I ON the computer, it happened like this. -.-
First time........ ><"~

 Later on, the screen become like this. -.-
Even the computer also BULLY me. T^T~

Oh well, the thing which I can consider myself as LUCKY is my lecturer allowed me to print out my assignment using his room printer. Haahahaahaha.. 50 pages~ All used SEGi resources.. Wahahaha..XD

 My KM assignment.
Yea, personal assignment. Hmmm, wonderful ya? XD

Later on, afternoon class cancelled. -.- Hmm, it doesn't affect me though since I'm in the college since morning...XD

Then having lunch with classmates. Went somewhere nearby college, 15 minutes walk to the shop. Having Indian Restaurant, ABC [Always Best Choice] to had our lunch. Food not bad, but just weird with their menu name. "Chicken Masala" as I so called it "CHICKEN MASALAH".. Which mean the Problematic Chicken... Hahahahaha~XD

Food there not bad, it's a nice try though. =)

ABC Ice-Kacang that we ordered.
Taste not bad though. =)

Spider and Me =)

Hahahaha. Wei Kuan Gor Gor.. ^^

Later on, after finished our lunch, went to Capital Square for a walk. After almost 3 years I study at KL, now only I knew that nearby there got shopping complex. Outdated betul. -.- Ehem~~

The shopping complex was quite nice. Not those big big one, but those small one, nothing much inside though. Heard from one of my classmate, she said that last time there was those office shops lot. But quite relaxing because not really many people are shopping around there. And 5 of us just hang around there and chit-chatting for 1 hours. Then it's time to go home. =)

The photo that we took when wanna back.
At the main entrance.. =)

End my post with the 5 of us. =)

A simple day we had.
I enjoyed. =)

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