Sunday, April 17, 2011

PC Fair

Slept around 2:30am in the morning and woke up at 8:30am in the morning too. Conclusion is SLEEPY laa! LOL. 6 hours of sleep for me is definitely NOT enough. And now, I'm in BLUR + SLEEPY mode~ T^T..

But.......... I still wanna blog. Just in the mood to blog and I hope this can always continue, because recently I'm just addicted in taking photo's and editing photo's, and my blog seems that gonna be abandoned SOON. Hehe! =P

Stop writing rubbish. Let's back to topic. =P.. Went to PC Fair today with Tracy, my brother and his friends. Reached there around 11:30am and inside there were TERRIBLE HORRIBLE MANY PEOPLE! OMG! Pack like nobody business.

Could hardly breath. o.O!! Almost DEAD. Thank god, I'm still SURVIVE now. Or else, I might not be blogging anymore now. Hahahaha! LOL. x)

Nothing much to describe else than MANY PEOPLE. Oh ya, many PRETTY MODELS too. =P.. Seriously, I still kinda blur with my NEW BABY. Kinda confusing sometimes. Gotta practice more. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Wheeee.. But the first thing I need to do is to finished up my coursework. -.-

Oh yea. Took some photos in the PC Fair. Be frank, the photo still not really nice. I'm still a learning baby anyway. =P

 3rd floor of the PC Fair
MOL Online Games Models
 HTC Models
 Brother's friends =)
 KLCC Twin Tower and Maxis Centre =)
 The condition inside PC Fair. 
 Panda Models.
Hahaha! The name sounds weird I know. x]
 Panda Panda...XD
 仙剑 Toy..
Looks like Green Apple....XD
 Me with the Green Toy. LOL.
仙剑 model with gun!
Bang Bang Bang!
P1 4G
The last picture of model- P1 Model.
My bro said that I'm something wrong because I kept taking those model pictures. -.-
Reason, because I'm a GIRL.
Usually ONLY guys will did that. LOL. [>o<"]~
Can guess what's this? Muahahaha..
I bet you can't. =P
The sky while on the way back. =)
 Old Town White Coffee Nasi Lemak. Yummy. =)
My brother and I tried this new drinks called "Gula Melaka Soya Cincau". 
Taste not bad I guess. =]
 One of the FUNNY picture.
Felix: Rarwwww!!
Shen Wei: OMG! I'm shocked! 
The stuffs which we bought. It cost us around almost RM1000. O.o!!
Took this while entering KLCC car park.
Edited this by using my NEW BABY. ^^
Toy Camera Effect- Standard. =)
Edited using my NEW BABY. 
Grainy B/W~ =)
CIB Mall.
Just sign up their online games, then you can LUCKY DRAW and get free gifts like this.
I get MUG and my bro get Cellophane tape dock.
Can't be denied. Human are just GREEDY and always looking for FOC things. =P
CD. Nothing useful to me anyway. -.- 
RM300 above per receipt can get this so called FREE GIFTS. -.-
Kedekut.. ><"~
Colour Note Pad
The External Hard Disk that my we bought.
RM350 for this. o.O!!
Yea, this was the most costly equipment that we bought.
My HP Ink.. RM 185 per box.
3 boxes = RM555. 
And we can get FREE GIFTS for this!
Hooray. Happy?
This was the FREE GIFT we get. 
I know you were just..............=___________________="..
Just like me. LOL. ><"~

It's really a tiring day. Sorry if I make you feel awkward.. =)

P/S: 我的心情就像天气。有时候是晴天、有时候是雨天、或是打雷等。而今天的我就在于阴天。

 Things will changed. 
Nothing will remain forever.


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