Sunday, June 12, 2011

Holidays + Nathelie's Open House

Almost middle of the June now. And yeah, which mean my holidays just left 2 more weeks only. T^T...

I do enjoy my holidays. Enjoy with my hectic holidays. Hmmmm, I did find part-time job. Interview it but at the end, I rejected it with some purposes. Just don't feel like working there. Maybe because of the benefits they gave were just too low? Or I guess it was the manager problem who interviewed me? I just don't feel she was that friendly. At the end... Yeahh, I rejected it. =]

Staying at home, going out, hanging out, traveling~ And it ended up with money keep going out but NOT coming in. Pity me. T^T... Who wanna donate me some money? I don't mind. Thanks first. =P

Went for a hair cut. She cut my fringe too short. T^T... And I look more alike like small kid now. >,<"~

Like small kid.. >,<"~

My fringe.. So short.. T^T..

And yeah. I play with my fringe. LOL.
Spike spike hair... =]
Attended Nathelie's Open House yesterday. Invited by her and go along with brother's friends. Not really that bored, quite enjoy it. Mixing around with them. Hehe. Took some photos. But most of the photo were taken by someone else. LOL. And yeahh, I enjoy our chatting session too. Joking around non-stop. Laugh laugh and laugh. =D

The group photo. =)


My pose is still the same. Hahaha..

Laughing ^^

Everyone got their own personal things to do. =]

Trying to promote the book? LOL..

 Bully-ing Eileen..XD

Pei Ying and Nathelie. =)

This picture CUTE. =P

Yeahh. Model of the day. =P

Merryy Christmass~ LOL..

Hugging his SON. =P

Yeah, Guitar~


 All my picture is with the BEAR. =D

 Bear Bear Lee...xD

 Pro? =]

The face look so.......XD

 Someone with someone. =]

 Hahahaha.. Bearssssss~


Natural shot~

Don't worry, I'm a good girl. I didn't drink it. =P

Brother and sister. =)


Cloudy feel...XD

No eyes see...XD


Tiger Chia.
Cute!! =D

Oh ya, we do also celebrate Nathelie's birthday also. This was a surprise birthday done by her family. Nothing related with us. Haha. We just sing her a birthday song. =P Anyway, Happy Advanced Birthday Nathelie! My first time celebrate birthday with you. Hahaha. Wish you always happy and all the best in your future! =D

 Secret Birthday cake. =D

Actually I don't know who are the others. 
Well, I guess it was her relatives. 
I only know the middle one and the 2 on the right. @_@!!
Anyway, Happy Birthday too. =]

Singing song~ ^^

Blewwwww Offfffff~

 Celebrating 2 of them birthday. 
Pulling the candles together. =)

Cuting cake. =)

Relatives, brothers and sisters. =)

Lasty, the water bottle that I took before going back.
"Let's pray for Japan." =D

P/S: It was a happy day. It was really a tiring day, but yet I really enjoy a lot. Reached home at 1am. Thank god for sending us home safely. And I received a bad news  from honey says that her granpa has pass away out of the sudden. RIP to her granpa. Stay tough! Get well soon Honey! Remember I will always stay with you! =)

May God always stay with us no matter what happened.
Amen. =)

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