Monday, May 30, 2011

Everything is upside-down

Another week passed. Life has been so far so good, quite enjoying my holidays I supposed to. Did hanging out with friends last week. Chatting do really help me to release a lot of moody things. And what I can say is, I did feel better now. =)

One of the thing which make me feel mad is my sleeping time were upside-down now. Insomnia for the last whole week. Can't really fall asleep at night and I slept around 4am midnight everyday. Ohmygosh. I'm forcing myself to sleep, but it was just too hard? =(

Another thing which is I realized that I'm getting lesser and lesser to expose myself in Facebook. Not as much as last time. People who wanna find me, they will find me automatically. People who I feel like wanna find so, I will find them. Just that easy, communication to me now means nothing sometimes. Well, it depends. =]

*By the way.. Yeah.. Someone is missing me caused I seldom online-ing these few days.. Wink Wink.. Happy-ing~  =P...*

A photo of me. Interested in? And yea, if you don't want to have NIGHTMARE. Don't see the below photo ya.  =]

Scary huh?
The NEW me. =]

Everything for me now is just upside-down. 
I just feel tired with everything. 
God bless me. =]


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terkejut i taw :)

DONE follow u ^_^