Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Arghhhh! 4am now and I'm still doing my final project. T.T~ I've been sitting here and work for 14 hours!!! Backbones are pain, eyes can't barely open and my mind is blank now. Why my supervisor so rush? Others still got chance till December, but why my Supervisor only till next week?!!! WHY..........?!!! T^T...

Ughhhhh. Pissed off. Don't know what am I doing. Simply write something, but I guess I have to redo it after let him check later. Ishhhh. Having class tomorrow and gonna meet him for the 9th times. Dead tired......

The 2 photos are taken from my house. The sunset is just so nice. Feel so warm. And I'm going off to my bed now. Nights people! =]

Using different setting to took this picture.
Not bad also yea?
2 colours, blue and orange. =]

Something new about me.

Had a new hair cut yesterday. The kakak at there so friendly and funny. She says I'm so cute, and she says I look like budak kecil. ><"~ She even pinch me 2 times.. LOL. Btw,  this hair style not bad yea? My mum say I look nicer with this hairstyle. Heheee. =D

Final project, I  wanna finished YOU by next week!
God bless me! =/

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