Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homemade Salad

Today's topic, Homemade Salad~

People like me who don't really know how to cook also can made some dishes. Of course, not those complicated one, easy easy one I still can handle it~ Hahahaha! Don't worry, I got no potential at all also can make it, for sure you also can make it. =P

I remembered that I post up on Homemade Sandwich post at about months ago! Haha.. And now, I post up another homemade food. It's easy to make, yummy and healthy too! Hehe.. =D

- 6 pieces of Crabmeats 
- Vegetables
- Mayonese [Less than half bowl]
- Thousand Island [Less than half bowl]
- Lemon [Depends on your sour level]
- Ebikko

The ingredients~ 

Optional: Just to recommend this brand of sauces. 
Taste nice! =D

1) Slice the crabmeat into slices.
2) Mix Mayonese and Thousand Island + Lemon juice together.
3) Put the vegetables on the plate with the sliced crabmeat on top of it. 
4) Add the sauces on top of the sliced crabmeat + some Ebikko. 
5) Done!

Recommended: Put the salad into fridge after made it. Maybe about 30 minutes... Just let it be cold. It taste nicer! =)

Tadaaa! Homemade Salad~
Yumm Yumm Yummy!! =D

My first try on making this. Taste not bad! Seriously! At least nothing bad happened on me after I ate it. Hahahahaha! =P.. A simple dishes, but yet I really "kelam-kabut" when making this. Ehemmm... But no worries, at the end I also success to make it done! =D

Practice makes perfect! 
The next time I make it would definitely faster! Hah! 
Nightsss! =D

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