Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2nd Year Sem 1 ENDED

2nd year Sem 1.. Exams finally ended! Disaster semester. Non-stop having group works, meeting, assignments, presentations, tests..... Pheww, it almost killed me. Pressure and stress hitting me to the max. I can't even recalled back what I've did during the semester and also what I crap for my last paper just now. *Mind total blank* What I can do now is to wish myself the best of luck. =/

Been exhausted for the past 1 month. I can't even remembered what I did except keep burning midnight oil and crap a lot at Whatsapp.. Uh-huh.. My life..... HAHAHAHA.. Reading back all those messages make me laugh like mad. LOL. Being blur is just so me all the times. Never changed since last time. =P

Sometimes, the best medicine is to be yourself and care those who really care for you. =)

You don't need a valid reason to be happy sometimes. See-ing others happy make me happy. It would be better IF only I can control myself not to think too much sometimes. Still FAIL to do so like seriously. -.- Being too sensitive wasn't a good thing as it make me think too much. ><"..

How I wish I can be the one who always bring happiness to others while keep all those sadness towards myself. Hmm, a random thought. I mean, it will be good to see others happy and not to let others worry about me. I think I push myself too hard sometimes. Being not expressive is another weaknesses of mine. I don't know how to express myself. T.T

Oh ya, I'm having my holidays now! Finally after a loooooong war. I guess...... I can't concentrate on too many things. Make me exhausted somehow. lol.. It's time for me to REST and ENJOY my 1 months+ holidays. HAHAHAHA. For those who said I MIA for N years, you can date me now, or else, you guys will only see me during the year end. HAHAHAHA. =P

Thank you for those who keep giving me support and advice when I need someone to talk and listen to. I might be passive. I do not know how to share out my own feelings. But I really get it and I feel so touched. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate a lot. I don't need to mention those names, you know who you are. A simple message always made my day and ended up with a big big smile. Thank you. Hee. =)

Me and my little baby Dragon :)
*Little elephant said, G-Dragon -.-*

I'm fear of "Athazagoraphobia". 
A new term I just found out just now. O_o..

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