Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't make someone your priority, when they only make you an option

Me: I'll try to update my blog more often so that you know what happened to me when I MIA. And I'll try to update more during my holidays...
Someone: No! You should update me personally!!! Don't tell me you won't approach people first.. NOT a valid reason.
Me: Understand me so well. *Laugh happily inside because someone actually cares* =P

I told myself. Don't care too much. No point of thinking too much and ended up thinking non-sense. This is me, that is others, just accept the fact. We all have different personality, different thinking, different wants and needs. I cannot pleased everyone. I cannot control what others want. If this is what they want, I choose to obey it. :)

As long as you know I will always keep my promise. If you need me, I'll always be here for you- anytime. :)

It's amazing when you're able to convince yourself to think positively. It make me feels so much better. Instead of keep thinking negatively, I choose to accept. Don't force yourself to believe it when you know it's a lie. This is you, this is your style, this is what you want; and this is what I should do, so that you're happy. :) 

Communication principles:
1) It is complicated.
2) Quantity does not increase quality.
*Not created by me, got it from Comm Skills class, lol.. =/*

For the past few days, my mood was actually KO. If you noticed it. -.- I tried to make myself occupied, so that I have lesser time to think. And yes, God seems to prepared all the plan for me. I'm occupied since last week till this Friday. *My current plan, subject-to-change?* HAHAHAHA. 

What I can say is, I'm better, I'm fine. It's time for me to start my new chapter of life. I guess the past make me feel so insecure. I choose to kept quiet or sometimes, I choose to go away instead of approaching it. It's so hard to move on but I know it's not right to hooked to the past where there are so many people around me concern about me. Though I can't promised how long would it last, but I promised I'm doing my very best. :)

Had a short conversation with one of my friend...
XXX: Waa, you're so busy and you have so many friends!
Me: Yeaa, I got many. But you can count how many of them were really close to me and I'm willing to share my feelings?
XXX: Yeahh, true also..
Me: I don't need thousands of friends, but few which really can understand me and accept for who am I, I'm satisfied. :)

I'm not weird, I'm just unique. HAHA.

P/S: A simple text made my day. You don't need to be somebody to make me happy, because you guys are unique to me. And thank you for willing to become my listener. :)

Better stop now, 3am.
Have to jump onto the bed before mummy BOOM me. lol..
Nightsss. :)

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