Monday, July 29, 2013

Dim Sum @ Restoran Clan + Empire Mall + Movie + Home Town Steamboat

Alohaaaa~ Been totally MIA for the past few days. Didn't went online at all. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and blahh didn't check at all. Fully abandoned by me. HAHAHA. =P

Until my Lover come ask me am I okay. And she said she had OCD now, keep checking my Whatsapp "last seen" and keep refresh my blog. HAHAHAHA. No worries, I'm superb fine! And currently I'm active back. =P

Friday, 26-7-2013
Out from morning till night. Spent my whole day with family and besties. Enjoying yet tiring. Still the same, it has been months we never meet and also since don't know when our pictures are getting lesser and lesser. The most recent photos we took is last year December. Ehem.. *I know I know. Blame me, cause I rarely took pictures nowadays.* =/

And so, since my blog is alive again. Of course, I won't miss the chance to take pictures.. I bring my camera along and my Lover was surprised with it. Hopefully it will be lasting.. HAHAHA. =P

Went to Sri Petaling had Dim Sum as my Lover is craving for it. Restoran Clan (大家城点心茶楼). Heh! Mummy, brother and Eileen tag along. HAHAHA. First time for us. Food not bad, OK-OK. Reasonable price as well. =]

The Signature Chicken Nest Bun 窝仔包 

Yam Basket

Salad Prawn with Mayonnaise 

Loh Mai Kai

Chee Cheong Fun 

Siu Mai

Ha Kao

140, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Taman Sri Petaling,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: 8pm-2pm

Went to Empire Mall to look for my brother's formal shoes. Try to find it at KLCC, but can't find my brother's size. So, mummy suggest to go there to have a look. Thank god, we found it! Hehe.. After that, hang around there and we went to The Tang's and some other shops. Pictures do the talkings! =P

Brother's Formal Shoes [left]
Free-gift from Empire Mall, above RM500 purchase single receipt [right]

Florsheim, RM699.00
After 20%- RM559.20

She wanted to buy this shoes as it's really hard to find her shoes size. Like finally, she found one. Who knows when we made payment at the counter, the cashier made mistake and took her shoes to another customer. LOL. When we asked for another pair, there's no more size. ><"..

V-KI, White Heels- RM69.90
After 10%- RM62.90

Btw, you can just ignore her face. When I'm taking this picture, the salesgirl is walking towards us. HAHAHAHA. So, my Lover face look a bit cacat. =P 

Tadaaaa, my new slipper! Wahahaha..XD

Hush Puppies, RM89.90
After 30%- RM62.90

 Shop: Peacocks

Jacket- RM99.90
After 50%- RM49.95

The price was attractive cause it wasn't expensive. And so, I randomly try it and randomly bought it. LOL. She said she never saw me buy things before. HAHAHA. I am not a shopping person. So, this was the first time she saw me buying things. To be clear, my mum is the one who bought for me. =P

We both were arguing on which colour is nicer for the jacket. The first sight I love the Blue jacket. When I try it, my mum said not nice. LOL. Then I took the Red one, she said nicer, but my lover said Blue nicer. HAHAHAA. So we ended up go into the fitting room and try. =P

HAHAHAHA. I think.....I still prefer the Red one. =P

First pic: Beach Boy
Second Pic: No one realized the picture until I mention it. -.-
Third pic: My mum says the shirt pic look like my bro..XD

The Wanted Boy! HAHAHAHAHA... His style is always the same, so I used to called him Mr.Wood. WAHAHAHA!! Conclusion, we laugh like mad while my bro trying out all those shirts. XD

After rushing back from Empire Mall, fetch my mum back home and out again to Leisure Mall for movie. Bro and Eileen watch Despicable Me 2; Lover and I watch Wolverine. I'm not a movie person, but..........I watched 4 movies within a week with friends. LOL. =]

Btw, Lover treat me for the movie and popcorn. Thank you!  Know me so well that I don't know how to reject you. You win you win. =P

Our movie ended around 7:30pm. Went to fetch Honey and headed to Sri Petaling again. Lol.. Had our dinner at Home Town Steamboat 好家乡火锅世家. I guess this will be our new place for Steamboat as the previous shop we used to go had closed down. =/

Food NICE! Price REASONABLE! Environment PACK! Many people as we're also one of them who line up. Lol. =]

HAHAHAHA. Natural pic. :)

Tom Yam vs Chicken Soup

Sea Coconut Longan (Jug) 海底椰龙眼
RM 7.50

 New Style Set 新套餐
RM 15.50 per person. (Min order 2 pax)
We ordered 2 pax, RM31.00 for our set.

Cheese Fondue with Dory Fish 芝士火锅

Ice-Cream Fondue 冰淇淋火锅

Took pictures! Finally! 
It was a happy day! :)
I'll end my post with our pictures! :)

38A-G, Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-90592668

Gonna meet you guys again. SOON.
They said I'm always busy. HAHAHA.
No worries, as long as I'm still having my holidays.
Most of the time I'll be AVAILABLE for you guys. =P

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