Tuesday, August 25, 2009


BOWLING! So big! Hahahahaha~ XD

As my brother said he has nothing to do at home during the holiday.. So, I decide we go Times Square to play bowling today.. But, before going there, we went to Pasar Seni there to buy the Rapid Monthly Travel card. Haiz~ T.T~ Price will start to increase on the first September. Not a good thing for everybody!

Later on, after finished our things, then go college there to meet my college friends... No need to introduce who is them.. Hahahahahaa :p Just find them to pay back the money.... lol... I know I purposely go there la, because I don't like to owe people money.... Hehehe :)
And after that, we went to TS there to play bowling.. Had a lot fun! But, now my hand so pain! :( Hmmm, due to the Ramadan season, bowling there having some promotion, that is Buy 1 game Free 1 game :) My brother and I bought 2 games = 4 games.. Per game only RM3.50 for student price.... Cheap! Hehehehehe :)
Ahemmm, most of the time I play, the ball also 'Masuk Longkang'~ lol. Hahahahhahaa :p Not professional enough....... Have to practice more lo~
After that, we also went to Leisure Mall. Because mum and dad have to go out, so they leave the car at LM there, then my brother drive it back. Reach home at 5pm. Feel tired. Heheheheee :)

All the colour balls! Hehehehe :)

Mr Lee~ XD

Me :)

Me and the ball......lol
Pink colour...... Hehehee ^^

Nobody believe me if I say he is my bf.....
Hahahahahaha :p

Looks alike, right? XD

He smile jor, see his teeth also.......Hahahaha :)

My brother and my bowling shoes........


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