Sunday, August 23, 2009

My day with my family

As usual, went to church in the morning.. After that, it's shopping time! Hehehe :) Went to KLCC today with my family. Have our lunch at the food court. Today lunch, McD~~~ :D

Later on, after finished our lunch, have a walk around KLCC. My mum bought Bed Sheet again! lol. I have no idea why she loves to buy this.. Maybe attracted by '%'~~~ The one that my mum bought was 70%........ The price after discount, RM 300++~ >.<''
While my mum buying it. And this's the time, my sister and I go take photo's. Hahahahahaha :p Took photo's with some teddy bears there :)

My sister and I :)
Just ignore the pink and blue thingy....
Hahahahaha :p

This photo a bit blurzzzzz.........
My sister took one.......
Technique not good :p

Me :)

omg! This photo was really blurzz.......
Sis, you really have to improve your take photo de technique........
Wakakax~ XD

Grrrrrr! I look fierce? lol..
Well, I think I look funny......
Blekkkkk :p

My sister and the bear............
I love this bear! Cute~ (^0^)
After that, while on the way when we back, my mum went to Pudu there to buy bread.. And my mum bought us ice-cream...... Hehehehee ^^ Lucky my cough recover already (just recover only). Hahahahaaa. If not, I got no ice-cream eat, only see my brother and sister eat.......... XD

Took pictures also :)

The ice-cream that my mum bought for us :)

Eating ice-cream..........
My brother face just half~ Hahaha :)

Hehehehee~ :D

End my post with Miss Lee = My sister~
Hehehhehee ^^

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