Monday, May 24, 2010

Genting Edited Photos

Being nothing to do at home last few days, this is what I do. My hobby, editing photos! Being addicted to it and edit until almost 4am in the morning. lol........... Just don't know why, once I started, I won't stop it. All because of interest. How good if I can manage to do this in my studying. I bet this would NEVER happen! Hahahahaha.....XD

It really tooks me time to edit it. Using a few software program to edit it. Photoshop, Photoscape and Photostudio. The most hardest to manage and learn to used is Photoshop. Those software inside were complicated. But yet, there are many functions that we can used to edit those photos! Love this software program so much! ^^

It tooks me time to learn it. I learn it all by myself, one-by-one. From don't know anything till now I know something. Sometimes really get frustrated. Especially, when I almost done it, then suddenly NOT RESPONDING! Oh god! Can you imagine that you're sitting in front computer for a few hours and just to edit 1 picture. Within a few seconds, everything GONE!!! =_________="

I love taking photos and editing photos. I plan to take extra course, which is photographer course or graphic design course. I really interested in it. But all of these only DREAM. The most important thing for me now is I have to finished my Diploma first. Whether to continue my Degree or not, it is still under consideration. Hmmmm, I'm confused what should I do now. Things just COMPLICATED! >_________<"

It seems very easy to edit these photos? Frankly speaking, if you think that, then you're wrong. It tooks me 2 or 3 hours or even more than that just to edit 1 photo. Maybe I'm still not good in it. But I hope all of you enjoy all those photos! Here are just 5 photos. Kinda need some inspiration for me to edit some new pictures. Hahahaha.....XD

Genting Highlands
We met, it was luck.
We talked, it was by chance.
We became friends, it was destiny.
We are still friends, its decision.
We will always be friends, thats a 'PROMISE'.....

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget! :)
Best Friends Forever! ^^

P/S: Classes start today. Assignments and presentation already given today also. Sigh. Why so fast!??!? And all morning classes. Damn. Traffic jam!!! It tooks me 45 minutes just to reach Bandar Tun Razak. I hate! By the way, the timetable was good. 2 days a week. This was one of the thing that make me happy. Hahahahaha....XD

Very sleepy and tired now. Eyes can't barely open. Night and sweet dream. ^>^
Memories last forever! Just like our frienship! :)

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