Monday, May 17, 2010

Yay! Finally finished exam! I'm FREE now!

Yay! Finally finished exam! I'm FREE now! Very FREE! Gonna enjoy it to the maximum! Woohoooo! Can't express out my feeling! It's just amazing! :)

Can SLEEP AT ANYTIME, PLAY AT ATYTIME and do what I want! Wahahahaha.....XD~ Something is wrong with me I guess? Hahahahahha.... I don't know! Maybe? What I know now is I'm super hyper! I just wanna enjoy my holiday! I wanna RELAX! :)

Kinda sad thing to say is, I only have 6 days of holidays! Sad~~~ T.T~ Struggling for almost 1 month for the exam! Only can relax for 6 days! Unfair! >.<"~ I want more holiday, I want more! @.@~

Class gonna start next Monday. Sighs. So fast!!! As for the next semester, it would be my very last semester for my Diploma. Then, it's time to say ByeBye to my lovely Diploma. 2 and half years gone through like that. I can't imagine it. Time flies really fast.

To all my lovely college mates who took their last paper today. I sincerely wish you guys all the best in your Degree life. Or maybe some of you who will be in the working industry. I wish you guys all the best of luck in your life too. I will definitely miss you guys! :)

As for me, just out of sudden, I'm thinking not to persuing my Degree. I don't know why out of a sudden, I think about that. I'm afraid that I can't handle it. I'm really scared. I asked many opinion from others, but all of them ask me not to give up. Hmmmmm, can anyone tell me what should I do? I'm confusing now. Please tell me what should I do?

I don't know whether I had made a right decision or not. Maybe yes? Or maybe no? I don't know. I'm confusing now. I pray hard to god so that HE will lead me the way. I need your help lord, please do give me a clear mind so that I can know what I want now. Amen! :D
It's me.......
The girl who loves to laugh and talk a lot!
Hehehehe =)
P/S: Gonna go Genting with my college mates on this coming Wednesday! This is my very first time going out a trip with my friends. Thanks to my mum who approve me to go! Thanks! I gonna and wanna enjoy it with them! Yay! Happppppy! :)

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